We supply & export the best quality borax preserved bamboo poles from Thailand. They are available various sizes and are suitable for construction & decoration, and for both indoor and outdoor. We work closely with farmers and chemical treatment plants to bring high quality bamboos to meet specified requirements. We can provide one stop shipping service for bamboos to you and can also accept small orders or container orders.

Suitable Sizes for Resorts include :

1″ , 1.5″ , 2″ , 2.5″ , 3″ , 4″

Length for export : 6 meters / pole.

Benefits of Using Bamboo for construction

Bamboos are known to be durable, sustainable, and environmentally friendly. It is also naturally water-resistant, so unlike wood, it does not have the tendency to warp due to heat or dampness. It also weighs much less than traditional building materials such as wood, concrete, and steel. Bamboo may be treated with borax and boric acid as a fire retardant, fungicide and insecticide. They have beautiful and natural appearance fitting for indoor and outdoor decorations for resorts.

Types of Bamboos for construction in Thailand

1.Dendrocalamus sericeus” — ไผ่ซางหม่น (phai sang mon)
– Grows to Height >15 meters
– Tall Bamboo , dark green and thick culms and foliage
– Multipurpose bamboo, suitable for house construction and furniture, as well as chopsticks and toothpicks!
2.Dendrocalamus sinicus — ไผ่จีน (phai chin), ไผ่หกวัดจันทร์ (phai hok wat chan), ไผ่เป๊าะ (phai po)
– Grows to Height 23-32 m; culm diameter 16-30 cm;
– Wild or planted in northern Thailand.
– For construction, beams and pillars, plywood, paper-making; plants for landscaping.
3.Dendrocalamus strictus” — ไผ่ซาง (phai sang)
– Grows to Height 10>12 meters
– culm diameter 5-8 cm; clumper; habit upright, slightly bending
– Medium sized Bamboo , dark green and thick culms and foliage.
– suitable for house construction and furniture.
4.Thyrsostachys — ไผ่รวกดำ (phai ruak dam), ไผ่รวใหญ่ (phai ruak yai)
– Height up to 25 m; culm diameter 5-8 cm; very dense clumper; habit upright, slightly bending above.
– A common bamboo in Thailand, wild and often planted.
– Easy growing, moisture-retentive soil, somewhat drought-resistant, full sun, tolerates some shade.
– Suitable for for light-weight construction and craft.

Preparation & borax (chemical) treatment

The bamboo preparation process goes through various steps.

Selection & Cut: The matured bamboos are selected and cut to specified length.

Soak: The bamboo poles are then soaked in Borax Solution that acts as insecticide and fungicide. It is left to soak for about 1 week to properly penetrate deep into the bamboo.

Bleach & Dry: Then they left to dry in the sun light. This process gives the bamboo its beautiful & natural pale yellowish crème color. They are then stored in a cool, dark place to reduce humidity level in order to preserve the longevity of the bamboo poles.

Whittled & Scrubbing: Then they are whittled and scrubbed for added finishing. Cracked Bamboos are sorted and re-processed by cutting.

This completes the process and the bamboos are ready for delivery by Truck to sea port.