New Atlas has partnered with VAONIS (France) to bring your guests an amazing experience.
It is a totally new way to observe the sky: Stellina Telescope. 

Take your guests on a journey through space with STELLINA, our new observation station.

Sleek and portable, it connects to your phone or tablet and allows you to observe, capture and learn about the deep sky without any hassle!


  • A unique first of its kind astronomical experience
  • Suitable for parents and kids
  • Let your guests explore the night sky from their smartphone or tablet
  • No experience or knowledge requires


  • A high end sleek product whose design will fit perfectly in your environment
  • Entirely automatic and remote controlled
  • Easy setup and training for your employees
  • VIP assistance with our Vaonis Care Pro offer

Attractive BUY or LEASE offers are available, contact us now for more information !